The calm before the storm

Here in Michigan we are in for a storm and very cold temps this next week. There are things every Michigander does before a storm comes, such as filling up on gas, stocking up groceries, and making sure flashlights are ready to go. For farmers there is even more work before a storm or freezing temps hit. There is a lot to do around the farm to prepare for unpleasant weather and today was a full, fast paced day of just that. Starting with a BEAUTIFUL sunrise, we had barns cleaned and cows fed as the sun came up. We then prepared for a full week of feeding by getting bales cut and moved to easy access. We feed hay to all of our cattle and when snow and ice and freezing temps hit, it is nearly impossible to get the wrap (what holds the bales together) off. It is honestly my most dreaded chore during winter time. After bales were set I ran out enough corn from our silo to feed for a few days as well. Then came the "extra" pre-storm chores. This is what we do to hopefully make our lives a little more easier when storms hit. From making sure the tractor that needs to run the generator if we lose power is set to go, and has a clear path out of storage to double bedding all of the cows and claves so they are extra warm before the cold hits. On top of that, being a wife means I also have the normal household prep that needs done from hitting up the grocery store to catching up on laundry. I then cleaned barns again right before the snow started falling because I know it could be the last time the manure isn't frozen for awhile. May I make a note here that frozen manure is the leading cause of trips and falls on the farm for myself. Frozen manure is not fun, from trying to scrape it out of the barn lots, to trying to shove it into a frozen manure pit that then leads to just a large "snow" hill of manure (the joy of hauling that come spring isn't great), to (as I mentioned) stumbling over it. I judge winters based on the amount of frozen manure I have to deal with. This year has been an AMAZING winter because we have hardly had to deal with any frozen crap. So I'm actually looking forward to this storm. I'm ready to have a winter week, I just pray it only last one week. I hope all the farmers had enough time on their hands to get ready for this week ahead and can settle into tonight knowing that, although this week is going to take a lot of extra work to take care of our cattle, spring is just around the corner. I hope you enjoyed the sunrise as much as I did and could enjoy the calm before the storm. #staywarm #winter #farmlife

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