Valentine's On The Farm

Holidays are just another normal day for farmers all year long. Cows still have to be fed, milked, and taken care of. Usually when a farmer makes plans for the holidays, the cows laugh and say "not today!". We are lucky to have families that understand this and so if we have to leave early or show up late to a holiday dinner they get it. That's farm life.

On top of running the farm we also have A Little Patch of Heaven to take care of, our rental barn. Last night there was a wedding and although our contract states midnight you need to be out, it usually ends later than that.

Having to herd intoxicated partiers out the door is harder than herding the cows back in from pasture for the first time come spring.

That being said, we didn't get in until around 2am last night from taking care of that business, our normal bed time is usually 9, so yes, today is rough! We are SOOO thankful for our help on the farm that milked cows for us this morning. Yes a few years into the rental barn business we have learned we most likely will be beyond sleep deprived the morning after a rental so we always have our help on hand for mornings like this.

SO what does a farm girl get for Valentines day??

My husband shows his love for me in his actions more than his gifts, which I love! So my main valentine gift this morning was that he got up to feed and take care of the cows allowing me to sleep in. YESSS!!!! He even helped me scrape barns after the workers were done milking (typically this is a job done before milking but as mentioned above that was not gonna happen today lol). My husband helps me more on the farm than he ever should be encouraged to do and that my friends is a farmers love.

My Valentine knows the way to this farm girls heart, no jewelry or fancy plans, just feed the darn cows for me. That is my kind of love.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there. I hope you have someone special that will feed the cows for you today! #happyvalentinesday #farmerslove #myvalentine #blessed

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