What does this inauguration mean for us?

As a small dairy farmer, with every new President, there are so many questions! How will this change affect our trade market, our prices, our policies and so much more? I've listened to so many people speak on it, and have read many articles on what may happen with this change in leadership, and one thing I have gathered is that we really don't know. We can assume, as with everything, that changes are going to happen, but to what extent we do not know. Will there be far less aid for farmers, most likely, will trade become better, could be, will small farmers still be forced off their land due to too many bad years in a row, definitely. Life is not fair that is for sure. One thing that keeps happening to small farmers with every presidency is that big farms keeping getting more control over our food chain and small farms are pushed aside. There are benefits and set backs to this, but of course as a small farmer I only see the faults. I read an article just this week that Bill Gates now owns the most farm land in America. I wonder how many small farms he took away? Talk about power. We pray with every year that there will be change to protect the little guys and save the small farmers. Will this be the year? President Biden promises to stand up for the farmers, but I hope he also sees the difference between small farmers and the big guys, as monopolies are sometimes the biggest battle we are up against. I pray for our President and the leaders of our country, as I do every day. I pray that the good will overcome the bad, and the truth will be heard above all else. I pray for our country and pray for our SMALL FARMERS!

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