What's in a name?

I feel like every major life decision or event that I undergo, our farm life has prepared me for it. Farm life is so much more than just a job. It teaches you the core values of life. Anytime there is something major going on with my life, I like to try and compare it to the farm, and it seems to make things so much clearer for me! You realize that the little stuff can wait for another day, the major problems always have a way of sorting themselves out, and the important stuff is always right in front of your face. I call this my cows perspective. When I take a moment to sit back and think what would my cows do?, I tend to find the simple answer to life's problems. When we built A Little Patch of Heaven, I knew I wanted to call it that name, because to me, my patch of heaven is the dairy farm, and I wanted a place that others could go, to let their worries fade away, and have those heartfelt moments with God, and to realize that the most important thing in life is love. Any time I stress about life I take a walk out back of the farm. From there you see the farm from a whole new angle. That path behind the farm has probably seen most of my tears, my joys, and my all out runs of anger. Its on that path that I am reminded by God to let it go and to have faith that He is in control. Every time I come back from a walk out back I feel so much better, and life is always clearer. That is my goal with this blog, to make life's struggles a little clearer by looking at it through a cows perspective.

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