Who runs the farm, GIRLS (cows)-sing it like Beyonce!

All day long I've heard the term "women's day" and it got me thinking of two things...first that this farm literally survives on the ladies of the farm..yes I'm referring to our mama cows... and secondly that the number one thing I have learned about life on this farm is knowing how to appreciate the MEN in our lives!

Our dairy farm makes it's sole income on selling the milk produced by mama cows. So when I say the ladies run this farm, I mean it literally. Cows begin to produce milk after they have their first baby calf. They then hit a high in production and begin to slowly taper off. The goal of every farmer is to help get the mama pregnant again so that when she starts to taper off with her milk supply she is already ready to be dried off. Dried off is a term used on a farm meaning the time the mama cow is no longer milked as she prepares for her next baby, usually three months prior to her due date. Making sure our ladies are very well taken care of is number one importance on our (and any other) farm. If our ladies are not taken care of they will not produce milk, no milk means no paycheck, so anyone who says that farmers mistreat their cows clearly do not understand how this business works.

With all of that being said let me restate the fact that in order for a cow to produce milk she must get pregnant first. And what does a lady cow need to do guessed it a man! Well bull is the correct term but you get what I'm saying. Yes, yes I know it's women's day why am I referencing men but first off, let me explain that just how our cows need the bull, we do sometimes need our men, but if it wasn't for our cows on the farm we wouldn't need the bull at all, yes the men need us too. So what is more important, the cows that do all the work producing milk, or the bull that allows them to produce the milk year after year?

We now AI so I get to look through a catalog of bulls to pick ours out, kind of like online dating though, you're never sure what you will get. With doing AI we have to watch for our cows heat cycles ourselves (when we were bull bred they handled that themselves) so that's an interesting task of watching for when a cow is in standing heat and another cow lets us know, or her mucus changes, or she just gets ornery. If farming teaches you anything about feminist its that both the cows and the bulls are EQUALLY important for the farm and they each have their own unique roles to play in this world.

I rely on a men in numerous ways everyday. From the man that is my milk hauler, to my number one helper on the farm that I like to refer to (behind his back) as our Aquaman because that boy has muscles, and can make any task I struggle with look like a joke. To my husband that supports me and works overtime for me everyday, to my dad that sits back and lets me learn while also trying to help me not to fail.

I learned at a very young age (before I had gone into partnership with my dad) when I literally spent 6 hours trying to muck out a pen by hand and our male helper at that time showed up when I was half way done with the pen and finished the other half in 20 minutes for me, yes 20 minutes!, that sometimes it is extremely important to look at a task and put the person who has the most muscle power on that task to save both time and energy. Yes that day still sticks with me to this day. I had spent an ENTIRE day doing something this man could have done in less than an hour. I had nothing to prove I was just trying to get the job done. Now a days I have to watch myself because I tend to use the strong men around me to do even the simplest task solely because of that day and the lessons learned. I have to learn a balance of what I can manage on my own (even if the boys could do it faster) and what I need to ask for help with. And that is what being a WOMAN means to me. It's not discrediting ourselves but instead empowering ourselves to sit back and see what our strengths and weaknesses are and to NEVER be afraid to admit them and use others (yes even men) to help our weaknesses out. It's simple, women are great, but so are men. We both have our strengths and weakness, and we both need each other in this life. I rely on my husband for love and support, my father to guide and direct, as well as many other men, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Men have what women want, but heck they sure do still want their women, just like bulls want the cows and the cows need that bull.

So women, stand strong this women's day, and be proud of your accomplishments, and although our cows need a the bull, remember the bull doesn't produce the milk. #womeninag #dairyfarmer #whorunsthisfarmcows #ladiesdayeveryday #equalityonafarm

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